Master Your Workday Now! | Michael Linenberger

Summary of: Master Your Workday Now!
By: Michael Linenberger


Welcome to a summary of ‘Master Your Workday Now!’, a book by Michael Linenberger, designed to help you gain control over your work and life. This summary gives you insight into the ‘Workday Now’ holistic method, which guides you on setting priorities, managing tasks, and maximizing productivity by focusing on a specific timeframe, the ‘Workday Now Horizon’, which typically encompasses the present and about a week in the future. Among other useful tips, you will learn effective task list creation techniques, email management strategies, and how to balance short-term and long-term goals through concrete and achievable objectives.

Take Control of Your Workday

Are you overwhelmed with tasks and interruptions? The “Workday Now” method can help you prioritize and manage your workload efficiently. This approach involves creating a task list for the present and the next week, known as your “Workday Now Horizon.” By using tools like Microsoft Outlook, Excel, or simply pen and paper, you can take control of your work and enhance your productivity. The key is to focus on your power period and manage it effectively. Don’t let your workday control you. Try the Workday Now method and regain control of your life.

Mastering Time Management

The book highlights the importance of managing time effectively by providing a framework for organizing and prioritizing tasks. It suggests creating a to-do list for pressing chores and responsibilities and dividing it into two sections – “Critical Now” and “Opportunity Now.” Reviewing this list daily enables one to focus on the most important tasks and avoid getting overwhelmed.

Additionally, it recommends creating an “Over the Horizon” list for lower-priority tasks to review weekly, thereby freeing up mental space. The author advocates for the creation of an optional “Significant Outcomes” section preceding the “Critical Now” section. This promotes a framework to prioritize main objectives for the week.

The book highlights the significance of “reasonable urgency” and utilizing it as a management tool. It encourages accomplishing tasks within the “Workday Now” time span and ranking them in order of importance. The author suggests creating “urgency zones” within the Critical and Opportunity Now lists for more efficient task handling.

By following the prescribed framework, one can manage time more effectively and selectively, even if the list consists of 40 to 140 items. The goal is to stay on top of priorities and take actions one at a time while reducing overall stress.

Mastering Email Management

Effectively manage your emails by adding work requests to your task list, using a bulk filing system, and turning off email alerts. Avoid filing emails by topic and use full-text search to retrieve important emails. Checking your email every few hours without sound alerts will enhance your workflow.

Mastering Work and Life

To achieve success, create Now Goals that incorporate both Vision and Target Goals for creative accomplishments and long-term impact. Moving beyond daily chores to focus on viable goals is the key to mastering your work and personal life.

Creating Vision Goals

To create Vision Goals, you need to develop a clear picture of your desired outcomes that can inspire and motivate you to act. The Vision Goals statement should be brief and vivid, with emotive content that describes why achieving them matters to you. Avoid using future tense and write in the present tense instead to reinforce your belief in accomplishing your goals.

Vision Goals are a powerful tool to own your purpose and overcome the status quo. Instead of listing tasks that quickly lose importance, Vision Goals enable you to think big and aim high. To create your Vision Goals, start by visualizing the best possible objectives you could pursue. Then, explain why these outcomes matter to you and write a statement that captures both the descriptive and emotive aspects of your goals.

For salespeople, a Vision Goal may involve exceeding monthly targets and enjoying conversations with clients, knowing that every sale is extra. The key is to create a positive statement that reinforces your belief in achieving your vision. Thus, Vision Goals require a shift in mindset towards what you want to achieve, rather than what needs to be done.

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