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Summary of: Mckinsey’s Marvin Bower: Vision, Leadership & the Creation of Management Consulting
By: Elizabeth Haas Edersheim


Discover the incredible journey of Marvin Bower, the visionary leader who played a pivotal role in shaping the management consulting industry. In the book ‘McKinsey’s Marvin Bower: Vision, Leadership & the Creation of Management Consulting,’ author Elizabeth Haas Edersheim offers a comprehensive look at Bower’s life and accomplishments, as well as the pivotal moments that sparked his revolutionary ideas. This summary will delve into Bower’s principles of leadership, the innovative strategies he implemented at McKinsey & Company, and the impact his work had on the world of business.

Marvin Bower: A Life of Integrity and Humility

Marvin Bower’s life was guided by principles of honesty, humility, and respect for others. Born in 1903 in a middle-class family in Ohio, he went on to attend Brown University and Harvard Law School. He married his high school sweetheart and they had three sons. Throughout his professional career, he preferred to be called “Marvin” and expected the same of his employees. He worked for the law firm of Thompson, Hine and Flory during summers. Marvin Bower lived to be 99 years old, passing away in 2003, leaving behind a legacy of ethical and humble leadership.

The Legacy of Marvin Bower

Meet Marvin Bower, an exceptional lawyer and businessman whose vision revolutionized the world of consulting. Armed with degrees in both law and business, Bower joined the esteemed law firm Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue, where he initially specialized in reorganizing bankrupt companies. He learned that artificial constraints created by status and hierarchy often kept CEOs from the right information they needed to make informed decisions. This led to Bower’s lifelong battle against such constraints, advocating for open communication and truth in business leadership.

In 1933, Bower joined McKinsey & Company and helped coin the term “management consulting” to describe the company’s new purpose. He managed the firm’s New York office before being elected managing director in 1950, where he worked with powerful companies like the White House under President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Bower’s clear vision on building consulting from scratch came at the right time, and he continued to make a lasting impact long after his formal retirement in 1992.

Bower’s legacy is one of institution creation and leadership, providing valuable lessons for professionals across all industries. His books, The Will to Manage and The Will to Lead, remain timely and relevant today, as they reflect Bower’s belief that preparing succession plans is an important part of great leadership. The story of Marvin Bower is an inspiring one, showcasing the importance of vision and the relentless pursuit of excellence in one’s field.

A Visionary’s Ethical Model

A new type of professional service firm that provides unbiased management consulting to major businesses was the vision of McKinsey’s founder, Marvin Bower. He believed in adhering to a set of high ethical business standards in pursuit of long-term benefits, rather than short-term gains. McKinsey’s success depended on the behavior and conduct of its consultants and their ability to align with the company’s values. To achieve this, Bower recruited the best MBA graduates to maintain and project the firm’s values consistently across all its offices. As a result, McKinsey is renowned for its deliberate consistency and reliability in providing unbiased management consulting services to the most prestigious brands.

McKinsey & Company’s Growth

McKinsey & Company’s expansion from a small firm to a global consulting powerhouse was not without its challenges. Marvin Bower, the firm’s leader, faced tough decisions such as incorporating the firm to solve liabilities and funding issues, expanding internationally, and deciding against going public. Bower’s commitment to integrity and maintaining the firm’s strong professional culture were crucial in successfully navigating these challenges. McKinsey’s expansion contributed to making business a respected profession, and its consistent branding and staffing with top talent led to serving Europe’s top corporations. Bower’s selflessness and dedication to the firm’s future ensured its continued success.

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