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Summary of: O Great One!: A Little Story About the Awesome Power of Recognition
By: David C. Novak


Welcome to the summary of ‘O Great One!: A Little Story About the Awesome Power of Recognition,’ where author David C. Novak reveals the importance of recognizing the efforts of employees in a corporate environment. In the story, Jeff Johnson becomes the CEO of Happy Face Toy Company, only to find a dysfunctional environment where employees feel unappreciated for their hard work. This book illustrates how recognition can transform a company’s culture, boost morale, encourage teamwork and even improve financial results. Get ready to learn how to implement the power of recognition into your workplace to change lives and drive unparalleled success.

Turning Frowns Upside Down

The CEO of Happy Face Toy Company, Jeff Johnson, takes on the challenge of turning around a company plagued by unhappy and underappreciated employees. He discovers that recognition and gratitude are the keys to building a positive corporate culture and restoring Happy Face’s success.

When Jeff Johnson became CEO of the global Happy Face Toy Company, he realized that the company suffered from a pervasive lack of recognition and praise for good work. This led to an overall toxic corporate culture, with managers and employees engaging in petty disputes and backstabbing. Johnson recognized that he needed to make significant changes to turn the company around.

Despite his lack of experience in the toy industry, Johnson felt determined to make a difference. He visited the company’s plant in Cleveland, Ohio, and was dismayed by the decrepit factory and the lack of recognition for employees. After meeting with staff to get their input on the company’s issues, Johnson realized that Happy Face’s woes extended beyond its Cleveland plant. The company’s executives in Chicago had been ignoring employee requests for personnel and resources, as well as their ideas for new products and processes.

To combat Happy Face’s negativity, Johnson implemented a new approach focused on recognition and gratitude. He held meetings where employees could speak their minds and provided opportunities for staff to share their success stories with one another. Johnson made sure that recognition of good work was a consistent part of the company’s culture, and that everyone felt appreciated for their contributions.

Over time, Johnson’s efforts had a profound impact on Happy Face’s corporate culture. Employees were more motivated and productive, and the company as a whole began to move towards success. Johnson’s leadership in recognizing the unique value of each employee and the importance of showing gratitude helped turn frowns into smiles at Happy Face Toy Company.

The Power of Recognition

Jeff faced a challenge with the demoralization and lack of recognition amongst Happy Face Toys’ employees. During a trip to Cleveland, he witnessed the positive impact of recognition and its absence on employees and their performance. He decided to implement a recognition program at Happy Face Toys, urging his executives to promote it throughout the company. Jeff believed recognition could make a difference in people’s lives and should be the defining element of Happy Face Toys’ corporate culture globally. He fired the Chief Legal Officer who refused to support the program. Jeff’s recognition program hoped to improve the morale of employees and turn things around in Cleveland and elsewhere.

Recognition Breeds Success

Happy Face Toys’ CEO, Jeff prioritizes employee recognition and implements a recognition program to inspire success. The program kicks off with the CEO’s award, which acknowledges outstanding contributions and accomplishments of employees. Jeff believes that recognition is a powerful tool that breeds success at work and home. The implementation of the recognition program marks the beginning of a new era for Happy Face Toys.

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