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Summary of: Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity
By: Scott Galloway


Dive into the captivating world of ‘Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity’ as author Scott Galloway unravels the monumental impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global economy and the acceleration of existing trends. This book summary takes readers on a journey through the effects of the pandemic on e-commerce, the stock market, tech giants, the education sector, and more. Learn how the pandemic has widened the gap between the industry behemoths and small businesses, and how certain sectors have reinvented themselves and thrived during these uncertain times. Be prepared to gain valuable insights and forecast the future of our rapidly transforming world.

The COVID-19 Pandemic and its Economic Impact

The outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020 led to worldwide lockdowns, and the pandemic accelerated existing economic trends. E-commerce, communication tools, and online platforms skyrocketed while those who were already struggling were hurt the most. The fallout from this rapid restructuring of the economy and economic inequality will be explored further.

Booming during the Crisis

Despite a multitude of bankruptcies of financially sluggish companies, the stock market remained positive during the pandemic due to the triumph of a few well-positioned companies. Scott Galloway explains how government actions, market sectors, and adaptable companies contributed to their success and allowed them to thrive during the crisis.

Tech Giants’ Rise Amidst Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic claimed more than half a million lives between March and July 2020, but for tech companies, it was a period of financial prosperity. The world’s nine major tech companies saw nearly $2 trillion added to their market value during those five months. The big five tech companies, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, grew so much that by the middle of 2020, they accounted for over 20% of the value of all companies publicly traded in the US. The pandemic has worked to the advantage of these tech giants, allowing them to use their size and capital for further expansion. For instance, Amazon has invested $4 billion in medical infrastructure, and Apple is venturing into subscription-based media services to keep revenue flowing during difficult times.

The Rise of Unicorns and the Pandemic

The number of start-ups valued over $1 billion, known as “unicorns,” have grown significantly in recent years due to a pool of cheap capital. However, some of these companies may be fueled more by hype than sound economics. The pandemic may have increased their numbers but also made risky investments more popular. The future of unicorns is uncertain, but companies with high revenue, subscription models, and long-term usefulness, such as Spotify, Robinhood, and Uber, may be good bets.

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