Potty Training in 3 Days | Brandi Brucks

Summary of: Potty Training in 3 Days: The Step-by-Step Plan for a Clean Break from Dirty Diapers
By: Brandi Brucks


Ready for a clean break from dirty diapers? Dive into this summary of Brandi Brucks’ “Potty Training in 3 Days” and discover a step-by-step plan that will help you achieve potty success for your baby. From identifying signs of readiness and understanding your child’s body language to choosing the right potty training equipment and keeping the momentum going, this book summary is a treasure trove of valuable insights that will empower you and your baby in the crucial, yet challenging, journey to potty independence.

Potty Training Made Easy

Choosing the perfect time to potty train your toddler is crucial. Most kids are ready between the ages of two-and-a-half and three years. However, it’s essential to observe your child’s behavior for clues. Knowing when your child needs to be changed, holding pee in, expressing interest in flushing or following you to the bathroom are all signs of readiness. Before you begin the training process, start introducing the idea of potty training through conversations. Sell the plan to family members, and raise your child’s bathroom awareness by drawing attention to wet diapers. Observe their body language to understand how they communicate when they want to pee and reward them for their efforts with a small treat. Once you’ve picked the fitting time to potty train your child, find a potty trainer that fits your toilet and invest in a stepping stool to help them mount the toilet independently. Stock up on ready-made food and supplies to keep your baby interested in the training and make sure to introduce the new underwear, indicating that it’s time to put the diapers away.

Potty Training Made Easy

Say goodbye to diapers and welcome to the world of potty training! Start by discarding all remaining diapers, letting your child know that they have outgrown them. On day one, put them in new underwear and a short shirt to catch accidents. Ask your child to inform you when they want to pee and follow them around all day. Celebrate every time they successfully use the potty, doubling the reward when they poop on it. Encourage your child to keep their underwear dry, drinking plenty of fluids and reminding them to use the potty. Keep a close eye on their progress and avoid distractions until you see significant progress. If all goes well, they’ll be wearing pants outdoors in no time!

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