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Summary of: Super Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life beyond Your Wildest Dreams
By: Gabrielle Bernstein


Welcome to the world of Super Attractors! In Gabrielle Bernstein’s book, ‘Super Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life beyond Your Wildest Dreams,’ she teaches us how to realign our energy with the Universe and transform our lives in the process. By understanding the power of our positive thoughts and through a series of practical steps, we can rediscover happiness, attract our deepest desires, break ourselves free from fear, and embrace a joyful and abundant life. Dive into this summary to learn how to become a Super Attractor and manifest the life you’ve always dreamt of!

Super Attractor Summary: Gabrielle Bernstein’s Guide to Realigning Your Energy with the Universe

According to spiritual guru Gabrielle Bernstein, feelings of exhaustion, lack of motivation, and anxiety towards the future are common. Even famous and successful people experience these negative emotions. The key to changing this mindset is by realigning your energy with the Universe.

The power of your thoughts is immense. Each thought we have sends energy to the Universe, which returns it in kind. Negative thinking produces harmful vibrations that end up attracting undesirable situations. Gabrielle Bernstein gives her example, where she got overwhelmed while promoting her book Judgement Detox, which led to negative thinking and thoughts like “If I don’t do it, no one else will.” This thought ultimately became true as she kept taking more responsibility and found less support. She only broke out of this cycle when she changed her thought patterns to positivity.

To realign your energy, you must learn to follow a three-step method called Choose Again. The first step is to notice the feelings behind your thoughts. Determine the nature of the energy you are putting into the Universe. The second step is to forgive your thoughts. Thank your thoughts for revealing your concerns. The final step is to choose again by asking the Universe to guide you towards more joyous thoughts. Don’t ruminate on your problems but be open to finding creative solutions.

Super Attractor is not about ignoring your problems, but about attracting new solutions. To become a Super Attractor, you must make positive thoughts a habit. By reading this guide, you have already taken the first step to realigning your energy with the Universe. In the next part of the book, Gibbs will provide more ways to overcome negative thinking and prioritize feeling good.

Finding Happiness within Yourself

In the book “Super Attractor,” Deepak Chopra advises that true happiness does not require a reason, but rather it is a feeling to be cherished. Instead of believing that we need to suffer to earn good things, we are worthy of receiving them easily. Opening ourselves to the universal energy of love is key to achieving this. To make feeling good a practice, one needs to affirm how they want to feel and practice the “think it to feel it” method. Breaking negative habits such as jealousy and competitiveness can also help one achieve their Super Attractor power. With time and practice, a positive outlook can become a habit, and the Universe will respond to this joyful way of thinking.

The Power of Abundance

In her teachings, Gabrielle Bernstein helps individuals to unlock their ‘Super Attractor Powers’ by overcoming their mindset of fear and cultivating one of abundance. Fear can manifest in many ways, from jealousy to feelings of inadequacy, and it lowers our energetic vibration and blocks our progress. To counter this, protect your desires and invest in positive energy. Start by keeping your goals to yourself or sharing them only with supportive people. Embrace oneness with others by giving back, enjoying the success of others, and releasing rivalries and comparisons. By shifting your mindset away from fear and towards love, you will see that life provides enough success for everyone.

Guide to Moving Up the Emotional Scale

The Emotional Guidance Scale by Abraham-Hicks outlines a 22-point spectrum of emotions ranging from low-vibration feelings to high-vibration emotions. By learning to find joy in everyday experiences, you can guide your emotional state up the scale step by step. Moving in the right direction requires finding joy and appreciating the small things. Then, joy takes over, and high-vibration energy catches on, leading to positive outcomes. To attract good things, you must always carry the flashlight of a positive outlook.

The Power of Spiritual Reconnection

To become a Super Attractor and tap into the power of the universe, spiritual teacher Gabrielle Bernstein suggests lifting the veil that separates us from the spiritual world. The book highlights how we begin to lose touch with the spiritual dimension when we detach ourselves from the universe and believe in separation. To reconnect with the spiritual realm, we need to change our perception and have faith in the interconnectedness of all things. Through practices like meditation and appreciation, we can lift the veil and let the positive energy of the universe guide us towards a more profound connection with the spiritual world.

Finding Strength in Spiritual Guides

In difficult times, it can be beneficial to seek guidance from a spiritual mentor. A spiritual guide is a non-physical being that helps realign us with the energy and love of the universe. They can come in many forms, including inner voices, angels, or departed loved ones. Being open to connecting with them through meditation or journaling can provide clarity and strength in overcoming life’s challenges.

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