The 60 Second Innovator | Jeff Davidson

Summary of: The 60 Second Innovator: Sixty Solid Techniques for Creative and Profitable Ideas at Work
By: Jeff Davidson


Ever felt stumped by a challenge at work, unable to find a creative solution? In this summary of ‘The 60 Second Innovator’ by Jeff Davidson, we bring you a toolkit of techniques to unleash your innovative potential. Step out of your comfort zone and adopt the mindset of an innovator, cultivate your right side brain, view problems as opportunities, and learn how to brainstorm effectively. Along the way, discover Archimedes’ bathtub insight, explore the Japanese principles of Kaizen, create the optimal workspace, and, most importantly, train your brain to embrace the positive.

Cultivating Innovation

The book emphasizes the importance of developing the skill of finding innovative solutions to challenges. Throughout the day, people face various difficulties, and successful problem-solving involves adjusting to the prevailing circumstances. The author shares ideas on how to foster innovation in both personal and professional life, highlighting the need for developing creative thinking skills. With the help of the book, readers can learn to encourage innovation in themselves and others by adopting innovative approaches to problem-solving.

Innovators’ Mindset

The book summary describes how innovators can succeed by adopting a creative approach to everything. Innovators should develop a hypersensitivity to their clients’ needs and focus on long-term trends. To recognize momentum and optimize one’s workplace environment, innovators should seek new information and arrange their workspace to be conducive to creativity. Innovators can engage their right brain through creative planning, physical activities, and writing with the wrong hand. Challenges should be viewed as opportunities for growth, and innovators should not abandon good ideas due to lack of positive feedback.

Unleashing Creativity

Brainstorming is a powerful technique that unleashes innovative ideas. To achieve successful brainstorming, establish problem parameters, guarantee a non-judgemental environment, encourage open participation, and keep it fun. It’s crucial to move the process along when the group becomes sluggish. Eventually, edit the list down to the best ideas. Collaborate with imaginative colleagues and trustworthy individuals who can provide critical feedback. To produce innovative solutions, engage with others and conduct creative idea-generating sessions regularly, with or without a group.

Overcoming Resistance to Change

Resistance to change is inevitable, but innovation is futile if no one follows you. In this book summary, we understand that individuals oppose change due to their fear of the unknown. However, with a little preparation and planning, it’s possible to work around these screeners and present your ideas in such a way that gains their buy-in. Whether you’re dealing with individual screeners or an entire organization, finding inspiration within the company’s own vision and mission statements ensures your innovative ideas align with corporate philosophy. The key takeaway is that preparation is crucial when introducing a new concept, and anticipating and addressing potential objections helps boost your chances of acceptance.

Kaizen Philosophy for Business

Discover the Kaizen philosophy, a Japanese approach to improving systems, products, and processes. By focusing on small, incremental changes in all aspects of your business, you can achieve practical upgrades and improvements. The key is to pay attention to every detail, from production to customer service to back-office procedures. Ask yourself specific questions to help identify opportunities for change and innovation. Can you make it bigger or smaller, brighter or darker, heavier or lighter, longer or shorter? Can you extend its shelf life, refurbish it, or give it greater mobility? With the Kaizen philosophy, even the smallest changes can make a big impact.

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