The Authoritarian Moment | Ben Shapiro

Summary of: The Authoritarian Moment: How the Left Weaponized America’s Institutions Against Dissent
By: Ben Shapiro


In ‘The Authoritarian Moment,’ Ben Shapiro examines the current state of free speech in America and warns that our fundamental rights are under attack. He exposes how the radical left has infiltrated major institutions, from universities to corporations, pushing their agenda and silencing dissenting voices. The book summary presents critical insights into how wokeism controls higher education, how corporations have become cowards out of fear of cancel culture, and how politics has even seeped into the world of science. As you read the summary, prepare to dive deep into what’s causing the rise of authoritarian power in America and what we can do to protect the free flow of ideas.

The Dangers to Freedom of Speech in America

More than 60% of Americans are afraid to speak their minds as censorship and conformity take over American institutions. The truth of the radical left is the only truth, and all ideological dissent must be silenced. Parler, a social media platform that allowed people of all political stances to voice their viewpoints, met its demise, and President Trump was banned from social media. Big Tech, it seems, wants to silence the opposition, and actions like these spell out a frightening future for American democracy.

The Wokabulary Takeover

Wokeism has infiltrated American higher education, turning universities into institutions of indoctrination and intolerance. The authoritarian left has silenced diversity of thought through imbalanced faculty ratios, forcing out professors who prioritize merit over race and disagree with their ideology. Students are trained in a new religion hostile to reason and free thinking, infused with a modern wokabulary designed to generate activists for the ruling class of corporate America.

Corporate Cowardice

American corporations have abandoned their apolitical stance and are now promoting progressive agendas out of cowardice. The fear of cancel culture has forced them to speak the language of the authoritarian left, jeopardizing the livelihood of employees who express dissenting views. The result is a culture of exclusion that ironically arises from diversity and inclusion efforts. Dissenters are silenced in today’s woke echo chambers, where speaking your mind can cost you your livelihood.

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