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Summary of: The Gig Economy: The Complete Guide to Getting Better Work, Taking More Time Off, and Financing the Life You Want
By: Diane Mulcahy


Welcome to the world of the Gig Economy, a realm where complexities of full-time job positions cease and opportunities for personal growth abound. In this summary of Diane Mulcahy’s ‘The Gig Economy: The Complete Guide to Getting Better Work, Taking More Time Off, and Financing the Life You Want’, we explore the transformative shift from the traditional corporate world to the diverse and flexible avenues provided by the Gig Economy. Dive into the benefits of creating your own career path, assembling a portfolio of gigs, and managing a lifestyle of variable earnings, whilst broadening your skillset and network. Discover the exercises that can help you refine your goals and forge a path toward more fulfilling and dynamic work.

The Rise of the Gig Economy

In just one generation, the traditional corporate job with its benefits and security has become nearly obsolete. Businesses create fewer jobs, entrepreneurs start fewer businesses, and employers outsource to freelancers and automation. The percentage of Americans in “alternative work arrangements” has grown substantially. In this new reality, professionals must create a “portfolio” of freelance or contract jobs. The “Gig Economy” offers increasing opportunities to do just that.

Mastering your career in the Gig Economy

The Gig Economy has revolutionized the way we work. In this book, the author emphasizes the need to embrace flexibility, create a personal path and manage finances effectively to succeed in this new wave of work.

The Gig Economy has brought along a new set of rules which cannot be overlooked. It’s important to understand that a career in this new economy requires a different approach. Crafting a financial plan is crucial, given the instability that comes with it. Managing an ever-changing portfolio, tasks such as health insurance, employee taxes are now individuals’ responsibilities to tackle. And it doesn’t stop there. It’s imperative to set goals that align with one’s definition of success, which is not limited to materialistic achievements but encompasses fulfillment and freedom.

Alternative work can be highly rewarding, giving control over the projects one wants to take up and flexibility to create a schedule that aligns with their lifestyle. This freedom often brings a high level of job satisfaction and the eagerness to explore new avenues. The author advises individuals to rethink the traditional approach to the corporate ladder and, instead, design personal paths to reach their goals.

To ensure one navigates this new career effortlessly, it’s essential to stay focused, have clarity on one’s objectives, and be open to learning new skills. The book provides useful exercises such as the “obituary exercise,” “the dash,” and “the virtues exercise” that help individuals realize their goals, crystallize objectives and ultimately, succeed in the Gig Economy.

In conclusion, the Gig Economy has changed the way we work, and it’s here to stay. It’s important to have a fresh perspective, a new approach, and a strong financial plan to sustain oneself in this field. This book is perfect for anyone looking to develop their career in the Gig Economy.

Taming the Fear Barrier

The Gig Economy promises greater autonomy and control over one’s schedule, but fear can cripple success. Identifying and assessing fears objectively, determining the most probable risks, and devising an action plan can curb these barriers to achievement.

In the age of the Gig Economy, fear can be a significant impediment to thriving as an independent contractor. Whatever the source, fear’s hold derives from seldom testing its logic. The power to control your schedule comes with the risk of failure, but identifying the “worst case scenario” and quantifying the likelihood of risks can mitigate these overwhelming apprehensions. To offer peace of mind, devising an action plan, such as reaching out to realize referrals and widening networking contacts, can also help gain a practical edge. The crucial takeaway is to reach beyond a mindset of fear and engage in clear-eyed and unbiased reflection on what constitutes the true threats to flourishing as an entrepreneur. While it is not necessarily an easy path to navigate, the potential reward of realizing greater agency and flexibility is worth pursuing.

The Power of Networking

Referrals and personal pitches are valuable tools in cultivating a diverse network of contacts for potential job opportunities. In today’s job market, it is important to create an opportunity for yourself since job security is no longer a guarantee. Two concepts from digital marketing: “pull” and “push,” can be applied to cultivating new contacts. Hosting events, writing articles, and attending conferences are ways to expand your network. It is important to be specific when asking for help or offering assistance to others to demonstrate the value of the relationship. Research shows that 80% of job referrals come from people we may not consider to be close contacts. Therefore, it is important to develop a large and diverse network of contacts to increase the chance of finding new job opportunities.

Diversify Your Gigs

Building a diverse portfolio of gigs can provide security and open up new opportunities. By creating a mix of paying and non-paying gigs, including volunteer work and artistic pursuits, you can develop new skills and expand your network of contacts. To maintain a steady flow of income, use one main gig as an anchor and have a third gig ready as a transition. The more gigs you take on, the more skills you’ll acquire, which can lead to opportunities in new fields. With gigs, you can experiment with different interests and passions without worrying about making a long-term commitment. By integrating your interests into your daily life, you can avoid the “deferred life” mentality and instead focus on pursuing what makes you happy. Remember, wasting time can be just as costly as losing money, so use your time wisely and diversify your gigs to build a fulfilling and secure career.

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