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Summary of: The Urban Monk: Eastern Wisdom and Modern Hacks to Stop Time and Find Success, Happiness, and Peace
By: Pedram Shojai


Welcome to the enthralling world of ‘The Urban Monk,’ where the wisdom of the East meets the practicality of the modern age. This captivating summary offers insights into how ancient teachings can help address our current struggles with sleep, exercise, connection, and purpose. The practices and ideas discussed will aid in recalibrating our lifestyles to better align with our fundamental needs. From embracing a monk-like mindset to applying innovative hacks for better sleep and energy, this summary equips readers with engaging and accessible solutions for overcoming modern-day challenges.

Learning from Our Ancestors

Our modern ways of life fail to meet our needs, causing a decline in happiness and health. The solution lies in recalibrating our lifestyles to align with our needs, which can be learned from ancient wisdom. Our ancestors’ lifestyles were in natural harmony with human needs, giving us a great place to start. By following their practices, such as preparing for sleep without electronic screens and artificial light, we can improve our lives. We don’t need to subscribe to a particular belief system or join a monastery to do this, simple but effective hacks can create significant change.

Living like Our Ancestors

Our Paleolithic ancestors can provide us with valuable lessons to live a more fulfilling life. By living in tight-knit communities and engaging in physical activities, they were able to avoid modern problems like loneliness, lack of exercise, and disconnection from nature. To experience inner peace, we should strive to meet our needs through exercise, socializing, and outdoor activities. While the modern lifestyle can lure us into artificial environments, we can reconnect with nature by joining outdoor activity clubs, going camping, hiking, birdwatching, or kayaking. These activities can also be great opportunities to meet new people and strengthen our relationships. By learning from our ancestors’ lifestyle, we can lead a more enjoyable and fulfilling life.

The Hard Work of Being an Urban Monk

If you think being a monk is all about spirituality and meditation, think again. The monks of ancient times were physically active, doing demanding chores and practicing martial arts. The same applies to being an Urban Monk. It requires hard work, discipline, and commitment, both physically and mentally. Learning a martial art like kung fu serves as a metaphor for mastering life itself, and it helps cultivate a mindset that can be applied to every aspect of your life. Being an Urban Monk involves accepting challenges, welcoming them as opportunities for personal growth, and devoting yourself to the hard work of overcoming them, just like a martial artist.

Slow and Soft: The Urban Monk’s Guide to Eating

As you transform into an urban monk, it’s essential to nurture your body with nutritious food. The key to a healthier diet lies in embracing a slower-paced approach to eating. Many modern people eat too much food that contains too little nutrition. To avert overeating, it’s crucial to slow down, take time to chew, savor tastes and textures, and breathe while eating. Eating softer, liquid-based foods like soup, stew, and congee can also help in extracting all the nutrients from the food. By adopting these approaches, you’ll bring balance to your diet, body, and mind, and fuel your physical activities as you journey towards becoming the ultimate urban monk.

Boosting Energy Levels

In this book, the author emphasizes the importance of obtaining and replenishing energy through sleep, exercise, nutrition, and spending time in nature. The ultimate key to feeling more energetic is by letting energy flow more freely within and around us. The author outlines how energy can get blocked and stagnant through various factors, such as stress, emotional injuries, and lack of physical movement. The book further highlights how social connections play a pivotal role in unblocking our energy, reducing stress, and healing from past traumas. Through a holistic approach, this book presents practical methods to optimize energy levels and enhance overall well-being.

Boost Your Energy Levels with These Quick Hacks

Practicing qigong, meditation, and spending less time sitting can go a long way in improving your energy flow. Learn how these exercises can shake off blocked-up energy and provide a tremendous improvement in your energy levels. Additionally, consider investing in a standing desk and performing exercises at work breaks. With these tips, you can quickly recharge your energy levels even amidst a busy schedule.

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