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Summary of: This is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn To See
By: Seth Godin


Dive into the world of marketing with Seth Godin’s “This is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn To See” and discover how to navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape brought on by the digital age. The book covers a journey from the 1960s’ method of mass marketing to today’s necessity for tailored, targeted approaches that resonate with prospects. Uncover the key strategies behind making the right product, reaching your ideal audience, and embracing the power of small, viable markets. Learn how your marketing efforts should begin with a deep understanding of people’s emotional motivation and support the desires they hold while appealing to their personal values.

Mass Marketing is Dead

In the 1960s, the traditional approach to marketing was all about mass advertising to achieve mass saturation of the mass market with a mass message aimed at the widest possible audience. However, the rise of the internet has changed all that. With billions of people connected online, the internet is both the largest and the smallest medium in history. Mass advertising is no longer effective when everyone can curate their own version of the internet. The old way of marketing is dead, and a new approach is needed that embraces fragmentation rather than mass communication.

The Power and Limitations of Online Advertising

Online advertising allows for precise targeting and measurement, but the overflow of ads makes it difficult for companies to stand out. As a result, many turn to search engine optimization (SEO), but success on the crowded search engine result pages is far from guaranteed.

Marketing, Needs, and Desires

Effective marketing involves identifying people’s underlying needs and desires and building products that fulfill them. Products are worth buying if they provide a compelling answer to deep-seated and emotionally-resonant aspirations, such as adventure, belonging, connection, freedom, strength, and tranquility. The task of marketing is to persuade consumers that a product can fulfill their desires and guide the process of building products that speak to them with compelling, deliverable promises of fulfillment.

Identifying Your Target Audience

Effective marketing requires identifying your target audience. This involves understanding that different people have varying desires, definitions, and preferences. Therefore, your product will only appeal to a specific group of people, which you need to narrow down further. The two groups to consider are the adopters and adapters. Adopters are open to trying new things, while adapters prefer sticking with what they know. To maximize your marketing efforts, focus on the adopters as your initial target audience. They are much more likely to embrace your new product and help you establish a profitable market.

Personal Values in Purchasing Decisions

People’s purchasing decisions are driven by personal values, which can be paired with opposites to form a spectrum. Safe marketing spots are overcrowded, so companies should consider moving towards the extremes that haven’t been addressed yet or stake out a unique combination of values. This approach was successful for the Grateful Dead, who embraced both the raw and polished extremes of musical values to gain a die-hard following and become one of the most commercially successful bands in history. Companies can also cultivate a core group of fans for their products by staying true to their own unique values.

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