Working Hard, Hardly Working | Grace Beverley

Summary of: Working Hard, Hardly Working: Redefining Productivity in the Modern World
By: Grace Beverley


Dive into the world of ‘Working Hard, Hardly Working: Redefining Productivity in the Modern World’ for a fresh perspective on attaining success in today’s fast-paced, social media-driven age. In this Sunday Times #1 bestseller, Grace Beverley questions the conventional notions of success and productivity, urging gen Zers and millennials to adopt a more balanced and sustainable approach towards their careers. This summary will explore tips for avoiding burnout, striking the right balance, working smarter, and designing your dream life. Stay tuned to learn how you can redefine productivity in your own life and career.

Grace Beverley’s Balanced Career

In her book, social media influencer Grace Beverley shares how she discovered that a successful career doesn’t necessarily lead to happiness and fulfillment. She challenges widely held beliefs about productivity and encourages readers to adopt a more sustainable approach to work. Beverley offers practical tips for avoiding burnout, achieving balance, and designing a fulfilling life without sacrificing health or happiness. While Cosmopolitan praised the book’s fresh perspective, some readers found it repetitive and lacking editing. Others criticized Beverley for her privileged background and preaching about work-life balance.

Rethinking Work Ethics

In her book, Beverley urges millennials and Gen Z to challenge unsustainable work beliefs amplified by social media and unrealistic media depictions. She advocates a redefinition of success and a separation of purpose from self-identity for a fulfilling career. Our generation’s hyper-comparison nature is a barrier to real purpose discovery. The author argues that it’s time to embrace a new definition of success, considering that the old template of homeownership, paid mortgage, and savings no longer works.

The Power of Time Management

In her book, Beverley offers a fresh perspective on time management. She encourages creating a schedule based on labeling tasks as urgent or important, and only focusing on tasks that require half an hour or more. Beverley emphasizes the importance of deep work and blocking out distractions. Success is achieved by setting measurable and realistic goals, which should be pursued with a success mindset and self-accountability. Rather than hustling to signal productivity on social media, self-care should be regarded as a form of productivity. People are not machines and should value their needs while balancing their workload.

Time Management for Goal-Setters

Beverley encourages readers to evaluate their priorities and align their time with their broader life goals. By reflecting on how they spend their time, readers can determine whether their daily activities align with their aspirations. It’s important to understand the merits of both productivity and self-care because they go hand in hand. Beverley emphasizes the need to avoid self-sabotage by examining personal boundaries. While acknowledging the challenges posed by a busy schedule, she advises readers to make the most of their leisure time and stay focused on their objectives.

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