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Summary of: X: The Experience When Business Meets Design: The Experience When Business Meets Design
By: Brian Solis


Get ready to explore the transformative world of customer experience in ‘X: The Experience When Business Meets Design’ by Brian Solis. In this book, Solis emphasizes the importance of designing creative, cohesive and customer-centric experiences at every touchpoint. Discover why experience is essential, not only for delivering exceptional services and products, but also for fostering a personal connection with customers. This summary will delve into the power of empathy, the role of innovation, new technologies, and how to map the customer journey for improved experiences, so get ready to elevate your business’s understanding of customer experience.

Crafting Memorable Customer Experiences

Successful businesses differentiate themselves by designing engaging customer experiences. Creating an experience that surprises and delights customers at every point of contact is crucial, as customer experience encompasses more than just product and service design. A customer-centric approach that caters to the smallest details is key. Businesses that fail to appreciate the importance of experience do so at their peril, as customer recommendations on social media and product review sites can significantly affect purchasing decisions. A fundamentally new era in experience creation demands that businesses achieve much more to satisfy their customers. Apple, for example, designed the iPod box with months of research to ensure it would be easy to open. Starbucks encourages customers to customize their menu items, promoting a sense of personal connection. The aim of experience architecture is to facilitate a glimpse into another’s perspective, a receptive mind and intuitive feel for their thoughts and emotions.

The Power of Customer Experience

Good customer experiences are crucial for retaining customers and gaining new ones. According to surveys done by Zendesk and American Express, customers are more likely to stay loyal and pay more for companies with excellent customer service. Despite the importance of customer experience, only 37% of executives have an official customer-experience program in place. This is surprising considering that word-of-mouth recommendations stimulated by good experiences are more effective than media ads. Companies that commit to following through on their brand promise in all of the micro-moments of the customer’s journey will reap the rewards of customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

Overcoming Obstacles to Customer Experience

The challenge of creating a seamless customer experience is compounded by conflicting metrics within an organization and the limitations of legacy technology. The solution lies in learning more about how customers behave and embracing new technology. Companies must shift away from assuming how customers think and build experiences that accommodate the wide range of devices people use today and in the future. By breaking down internal silos and adopting a holistic approach, businesses can deliver a unified, frictionless customer experience that meets evolving expectations.

Creating Customer Personas

Organizations with empathy towards their customers are rare. To offer an excellent experience, set out as an anthropologist to collect data and record observations. Afterward, analyze the data like a novelist or screenwriter to create well-rounded customer personas with names and backstories. Experiences are more vital, which is why companies like Bolt | Peters craft personas representing the customers, like audiophile “Tim” and gregarious “Megan,” to offer better experiences.

Customer Experience Mapping

Mapping your customer’s journey can help improve their experience with your brand. Rail Europe provided an example of creating a visual representation of the customer experience at various touchpoints. This allows you to evaluate which touchpoints are most useful and whether there are differences in experiences between digital and traditional customers. Providing easy access for a community of users who can offer testimonials and share buying advice can also enhance the overall customer experience. By understanding your customer’s journey, you can create a personal connection with the brand and improve their ritual visitation.

Disney’s Magic Band Revolutionizes Customer Experience

Disney’s innovative Magic Band replaces legacy systems with an efficient and personalized journey. The wristband allows visitors to enter or leave the park, purchase items, and even open their hotel room door. The band’s sensor alerts restaurant staff, who prepare food and have tables ready upon arrival. COO Tom Staggs explains that by removing obstacles, guests can create more memorable moments. Companies should aim to enhance customer experience instead of just improving outdated systems. By rethinking journeys, businesses can eliminate inefficiencies and positively impact customer satisfaction. Disney’s Magic Band is a prime example of this approach in action.

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